Studio Monika Stiklica

Web Design & Social Media Management

Monika Štiklica is special design studio in a sense that they don’t impose their own taste and style above the client’s needs. They work in a different way, just like us and it was very easy to work with studio that nurtures same philosophy like us. Recognizing the preferences of their customers, their perceptions, desires and passions, we they present them to the wide variety of options to pick from.

After making sure we understood each other, we got to work and result is beautiful, clean and minimalistic website with focus on actual content, rather then on unecessary details. And content is plentiful: Monika, apart from leading and working in her studio, is part-time blogger covering a range of interesting topics in her blog which follows same layout like portfolio section for the sake of consistency.

We also took on ourselves to drive traffic to the website by managing studio’s social media presence.

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